B&W photos taken with classic cameras

By Ross Alford

Clicking on a photo will give an enlarged version. Clicking towards the left edge of a camera picture will give an enlared camera picture; clicking towards the right edge will give an enlarged, stereo (3d) picture of the camera. These need to be viewed through a red filter for the left eye and a green or blue filter for the right eye. More info is available about the stereo photos, as are more photos of classic cameras.

Hinchinbrook thumbnailBessa II thumbnailHinchinbrook channel, North Queensland, Australia. Photographed with Voigtlander Bessa II, Color Skopar lens.


Mamiya Univ thumbCommon thumbnail Townsville Town Common, Many Peaks Range. Photographed with Mamiya Universal, 50/6.3 Sekor.


Mamiya 645 thumbStream thumbnail Wet season stream. Photographed with Mamiya M645, 45/2.8 Sekor (well it's sort of a classic).


Super Ikonta C thumbBalanced rock thumbnail Balanced Rock, Hervey Range. Photographed with postwar Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta C.


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Bessa II 3d Bessa II BW Mamiya Universal 3d Mamiya Universal BW M645 3d M645 BW Super Ikonta C 3d Super Ikonta C BW