Current version 1.73

RAMAN performs multivariate one-way ANOVA by randomisation, and can also do other forms of multiple-response permutation procedures. It allows the use of four different measures of difference or association: Wilks' Lambda, one of the classical MANOVA statistics, the sum of log F and the sum of squared Euclidean distance statistics (Manly 1997), and the sum of absolute Euclidean distances statistic (Mielke and Berry 2001). It accepts data sets with up to 2000 cases, 1024 variables, and 100 treatments, and can calculate both overall tests of the hypothesis that there are no significant differences among treatments and all possible pairwise comparisons of treatments.

The algorithms used in RAMAN were derived from FORTRAN source code published by Manly (1991, see RAMAN.PDF for references). These were converted into Pascal and extensively modified. The accuracy of the statistical results of RAMANOVA has been extensively tested against both the Statistical Analysis System (SAS) and the BLOSSOM MRPP package. However, I do not warrant its accuracy in any way; all risks or liability for damages arising from errors in the software must be the responsibility of the user.

RAMAN must be run in a DOS window. It works under Windows 95, 98 and ME. It may fail to work under Windows 2000 and NT. It accepts data sets written by Microsoft Excel in comma-delimited text format, so data preparation and editing are relatively easy. It was written for the analysis of ecological data collected in experimental and sampling studies, but should be suitable for the analysis of many forms of multivariate data. To learn more about the software, look at the file RAMAN.PDF. To install the software, download the file RAMAN.PDF and the files RAMAN.EXE (the program itself, a DOS executable, so just download it and save it by right clicking and selecting save target in Explorer, or shift-clicking in Netscape) and TESTDATA.CSV, which is a test data set that is referred to in the documentation and should be downloaded and saved in a manner similar to the executable program. Follow the brief instructions in RAMAN.PDF for how to install the program and run it. Please do send me any comments or feedback, and let me know if the program has proved useful to you. If you email me as a user, I will inform you of any updates to the program that I may do in future.

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