Graflex cameras

by Ross Alford

Click towards the left edge of the thumbnails to see a normal B&W photo, or click towards the right edge to see a stereo B&W photo. To view the stereo images, look through a red filter with your left eye and a green or blue filter with your right eye.

Crown Graphic 23 thumbGraflex Pacemaker Crown Graphic 2-1/4" X 3-1/4" press camera. This one has the accessory Kalart Synchronized (i.e., coupled) Rangefinder. It has a fairly unusual normal lens, a Schneider Symmar 105/5.6. A nice camera in its day and still a great user for medium format.


Super Speed Graphic

Graflex Super Speed Graphic, with Rodenstock Optar lens in Graflex 1000 shutter (the fastest large-format leaf shutter ever made, true top speed is about 1/850 sec). Has both swing and tilt movements of front standard, coupled built in rangefinder with standardized cams (if you can find them). A very nice field camera.


RB B 2 X 3 thumb Late-model (black and chrome hardware) Graflex RB Series B 2-1/4" X 3-1/4" SLR. This one has a coated Kodak Ektar normal lens and is in very nice condition. Also has Ektalite Field Lens, a fresnel lens that makes the image in the finder reasonably bright.


Graflex 22

Graflex 22 3d Graflex 22 BW

Graflex 22. Made by Graflex, Inc. in the 1950s after their buyout of Ciro. A competent but far from flashy camera. The model finished in gray leather is rather nice looking. Some parts also appear to be in polished stainless steel, unusual for camera parts.


Grpphic 35 pushbutton thumbA mint Graphic 35, made in the USA by Graflex, Inc. Based on the Ciro 35, which was bought out by Graflex in the early 1950s. Has pushbutton focusing, using the buttons on either side of the lens to rack it in and out. The large lever to the left of the lens cocks the shutter when pushed one way and fires it when pushed the other.


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Crown Graphic 23 3d Crown Graphic 23 BW Graflex RB B 23 3d Graflex RB 23 BW Super Graphic 3d Super Graphic BW Graphic 35 3d Graphic 35 BW